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One tool, all the data:

Flock makes it easier to crawl sites,
collect content inventories, and
analyse the quality of your content.

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About our features


Why crawl if you can fly?

Crawling sites is a breeze with Flock.

Just enter the domain name of the site you want to crawl, and you'll be notified when your report is ready.

A bird's-eye view of your content.

Find big problems fast, so you can move right to targeted improvements.

See total pages, content problems - and understand how big those problems might be.

After reading your report, get a more granular look at your inventory.

Take a look at a sample report.

All your content, in one place.

Get a full list of your assets, along with key quality metrics.

Customize your view to include the metrics that matter for your project.

Flag pages that need a closer look for later auditing.

Audit, measure, and manage the quality of your content:

Once you've flagged content that needs some love, use the audit tool to review and assess individual pages.

Check out what our users are saying about Flock.


I've been able to use Flock to quickly understand the size of potential customer websites. In a few hours, I understand the complexity and risk in a redesign project. It's made my proposals more effective and accurate. I can't imagine planning for a project without it.

Paul Bellows, Director of sales and marketing at Yellow Pencil

Flock is for...

Consultants and Creative agencies:

Don't dive into your next content project without knowing what you're getting yourself into. Use Flock to define scope, uncover problems early, estimate effort, and find content that will cause major headaches.

Large organizations:

Trying to get a complete picture of content that's spread across multiple teams and a huge site can be a pain. Flock lets you pull it all together, and assess your content using the quality metrics that matter to your organization.


*All prices in Canadian dollars

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